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Calm-a-Sutra Entries

I love these creative ways to get across the benefits of tea drinking, all video submissions for the Calm-a-Sutra of Tea Scholarship, a competition sponsored by the Tea Council of the USA. They make me smile every time I watch them. Put the kettle on and enjoy!

The Break Up

Just an ordinary day in Starbucks …

Tea and Me

Fell in love with green tea in aisle 7, very Sarah Silverman.

INTERROGATION (2008 grand winner)

Dad’s not just any dentist but Laurence Olivier!

Tea Will Rock You

Lovely harmonies at the end. Try getting this tune out of your head!

Confessions of a Tea Bag

An ethnically diverse family! Don’t you think the Teatles Band is cool?

Tea is Good

The stresses of modern life accumulate and keep you from feeling like yourself. The antioxidant benefits of tea cleanse your body and soul, and help you feel … good.


~~ sip a good brew, steal a slice of tranquility, glimpse a lingering fragrance, gladden the heart and refresh the mind ~~

1 thoughts on “Calm-a-Sutra Entries

  1. Jason Witt says:

    I like the “Interrogation” one that was a winner from 2008. I can see why it won: it has some pretty good acting. But they were all really cute and often my heart was touched watching them.

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