I went to a fabulous demo and workshop on Japanese Buddhist Temple Cuisine (shojin ryori) and the Temple tea ceremony led by Master Mari Fijii, and I have started my blog about it, only to succumb to awful headaches, so I’ve taken to my bed and frustratingly the blog will have to wait a little while.

I’ve been diagnosed with Cluster Headaches which apparently will last a week or two and then disappear for years before potentially coming back for another little cluster. They’re like migraines and the treatment really is plenty of rest and plenty of fluids (I’m drinking a lot of deep steamed sencha green tea which I de-caffeinate myself by discarding the first brew).

However, I’ll soon be fit and writing again, so keep looking out for my blog on this little known, rare gem called Temple Cuisine! I’ve also been reading two of Master Fijii’s cookery books and I’ll be sharing some of her ideas and recipes with you in future blogs.



~~ Serene and fragrant TEA entices with promise of rapture in STORE ~~