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Organic Golden Monkey

A gorgeous blend of first-harvest, organic black leaves and golden leaf buds hand-twisted and curled to resemble the silhouette of a golden monkey.

Oriental Beauty 2011 Vintage

Summer harvested, naturally honey-like Formosa Oolong, made into unusual tea cakes perfect as a gift or for easy vintaging.

San Hua Three Flowers

Beautiful, healthy and delicious whole flower infusions with such delights as chrysanthemum, forget-me-not and honeysuckle.

Snow Chrysanthemums

A precious flower from distant Tibetan mountains infuses into a beautifully amber liquor with a distinctive tartness.

The Sacred Peony White

This 2018 vintage white tea harvested from ancient tea trees is the wise old gentlemen of white teas. Full of flavour and sweetness. Very smooth.

Travel Chinois Tea Set

A stylish and compact Gongfu tea set to brew teas at home, in the office or on the go.

Wuyi Shuixian

This Wuyi Oolong is a luxuriously smooth, aromatic and roasty brew, that is floral and naturally sweet.

Yu Gui Oolong

From the crevasses of Wuyi mountain, this Wuyi Oolong tea has a notable hint of buttery pie crust and a sweet finish that echoes the crisp caramel on a crème brûlée.

“Four Black Dragons” Discovery Collection

An Oolong discovery pack with one tea from each of the four oolong producing regions. Choose to include one of our beautiful Gongfu teawares.

“Gifts from Goddess” Discovery Collection

A selection of three completely different styles of Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong teas. Choose to include one of our beautiful Gongfu teawares.