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Fragrant Gardenia Phoenix

Brilliant Phoenix Oolong varietal, light, barely roasted, with a hint of citrus and the floral aroma of fragrant gardenias.

Iron Goddess of Mercy

A light and delicious Anxi Oolong, with notes of honey and the aromas of orchid and osmanthus. As cooling as whispering bamboos in the valleys.

Lishan Oolong

This notable high mountain tea from Taiwan delights with refreshing sugar cane sweetness, creamy texture and a persistent floral finish.

Pouchong Oolong

A light, sweet, refreshing Formosa Oolong, it slows and gently soothes as it delights you with its floral aroma.

Qizhong Oolong

A lightly roasted Formosa Oolong from Wenshan on the beautiful island of Taiwan, naturally sweet, floral and fruity.

“Four Black Dragons” Discovery Collection

An Oolong discovery pack with one tea from each of the four oolong producing regions. Choose to include one of our beautiful Gongfu teawares.

“Gifts from Goddess” Discovery Collection

A selection of three completely different styles of Iron Goddess of Mercy oolong teas. Choose to include one of our beautiful Gongfu teawares.