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Cantaloupe Oolong

A stunning innovation, sweet Taiwanese cantaloupe filled with 'red' Formosa oolong then dried. Worth vintaging if you can.

Fragrant Gardenia Phoenix

Brilliant Phoenix Oolong varietal, light, barely roasted, with a hint of citrus and the floral aroma of fragrant gardenias.

Honey Orchid Phoenix

This Phoenix Oolong has long, dark, slender, slightly twisted 'single bush' leaves that render a lovely, popular tea with the aroma of honey and fresh peaches.

Iron Goddess of Mercy

A light and delicious Anxi Oolong, with notes of honey and the aromas of orchid and osmanthus. As cooling as whispering bamboos in the valleys.

Lishan Oolong

This notable high mountain tea from Taiwan delights with refreshing sugar cane sweetness, creamy texture and a persistent floral finish.

Longan Iron Goddess of Mercy

A rare, naturally sweet and fruity Formosa Oolong from Taiwan, which you can enjoy straightaway or keep as a 'vintage' tea for enjoying in later years.

Mandarine Oolong

Sweet Taiwanese mandarine orange filled with 'red' Formosa oolong tea then dried in a unique and highly skilled process. Definitely worth vintaging.

Oriental Beauty 2011 Vintage

Summer harvested, naturally honey-like Formosa Oolong, made into unusual tea cakes perfect as a gift or for easy vintaging.

Pouchong Oolong

A light, sweet, refreshing Formosa Oolong, it slows and gently soothes as it delights you with its floral aroma.

Qizhong Oolong

A lightly roasted Formosa Oolong from Wenshan on the beautiful island of Taiwan, naturally sweet, floral and fruity.