Emperor Pu Erh 1998 Vintage

Emperor Pu Erh 1998 Vintage


Like a wise old zen monk, this is a mellow vintaged tea from Yunnan, skillfully fermented and with earthy, digestive qualities and a robust, malty aroma.


This 1998 vintage Emperor Pu Erh was crafted first in the cool, high mountains of Yunnan and then vintaged in Guangzhou whose humidity accounts for the tea’s lovely, thick, smooth quality.

An Emperor grade Pu Erh is finished as ‘shou’ or ‘ripened’ tea, a process that closely replicates the revered qualities of slowly, gradually aged ‘sheng’ or green Pu Erh.

Pu Erh is a vintaged, fermented tea, of high value. In fact it was used as a currency nearly 2000 years ago and considered a worthy gift for an emperor. Only fine young leaves were thought worthy for these imperial ‘tributary teas’.

The base green tea leaf is oxidised before being encouraged to ferment, making for a robust, malty taste, an earthy aroma like wet autumn woodland, and typically a dark sienna hue.





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