The connoisseur’s green tea, light and delicate, perfect to enjoy on its own or paired with simple sweets.


Highly revered for its purity, depth of fresh ‘Japanese green’ taste and robust breadth of flavour, gyokuro is one of the few teas in Japan still plucked by hand.

The tea bushes from which it is produced are lovingly tended and shaded before harvest, the effect of which is to increase the chlorophyll and vitamin content and reduce the tannin in the tea.

After being steamed and oven-fired, a special rolling technique produces a characteristic twisted-needle leaf shape.

Gyokuro has a mellow umami sweetness accompanied by just a trace of astringency and sharpness. The liquor is a delicate, pale lime-green, with a fresh, kelpy aroma, a soft palate texture, and a full, lingering mouthfeel. Its flavour has subtle vegetal notes of the ocean and of spring greens.




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Brewing Gyokuro Green Tea

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