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    • This notable high mountain tea from Taiwan delights with refreshing sugar cane sweetness, creamy texture and a persistent floral finish.



    Spending time slowly enjoying Lishan oolong is a chance for more intimate space with yourself.


    This floral, refreshing and palate cleansing oolong tea has a creamy and thick texture.


    To aficionados of Formosa oolongs the name Lishan is instantly recognized as one of the finest examples of the high quality whole leaf teas.


    At 2000 meters above sea level, Lishan is among the highest peaks of the twelve that make up the Lishan Range, one of the premier tea growing regions in Taiwan. The combination of high elevation, northerly latitude and skilled craftsmanship produced a tea this spring with a rich sugar cane quality that yields a longer, more persistent finish.


    Our artisan tea is made with utmost care. To retain its pure, fresh qualities, brew with soft water and store in a dry, air-tight and light-proof container (in a fridge preferably) for 6 months


    This tea is supplied in a zip-loc foil pack to prolong its fresh flavour, within a beautiful paper wrap hand-stamped with an extract from the 8th century tea classic Cha Jing.

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