As featured in the Japanese tea ceremony, but also a great ingredient for cakes and desserts, this is high quality Japanese green tea in natural powder form.


Our matcha’s aroma, taste and appearance – the three key elements of Japanese tea assessment – are all of a superlative standard.

Only Japan produces green tea powder of this quality. From purest tencha tea leaves that are carefully steamed, dried, de-veined and ground slowly in heavy stone mills, this light and delicate tea powder emerges, with its perfect balance of sweetness and astringency.

To create a moment of Zen in your own home or office, just add hot water (not too hot) and whisk. The resulting, foamy thick, emerald green beverage lies at the centre of Chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony.

Whilst our matcha is high quality ‘drinking grade’, we also use it at chaya teahouse in making our cakes, biscuits and sweets – keep it under your hat as our Japanese tea master won’t approve! – because actually it is a wonderful ingredient in many forms of health-aware baking and dessert-making.




how to enjoy...

There are lots of ways you can use matcha, for example:

  • Sift about 2grams of matcha, then add 70ml water at 75°C for a thin Usucha brew or 40ml for a thicker Koicha brew, whisk and then drink it! In the Japanese tea ceremony a bamboo whisk is used and the whisking is done in an M-shaped movement coming from the wrist.
  • Whisk some matcha powder into orange juice for an extra antioxidant boost in the morning!
  • Add matcha to cakes and patisserie when you’re baking, and enjoy all the health benefits of green tea plus the beautiful, natural jade-green colour!
  • Add a little to icing sugar and dust for a beautiful, lustrous green decoration on cupcakes and other cakes.
  • Sprinkle matcha over your breakfast cereal for a powerful health boost!
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