Pouchong Oolong

Pouchong Oolong


A light, sweet, refreshing Wenshan oolong, it slows and gently soothes as it delights you with its floral aroma


With a delicate, orchid aroma, light yellow liquor and an almost sugar-cane sweetness, it is very pleasing and refreshing even on the hottest summer afternoon. It can be brewed at quite a low temperature too.

Grown on Wen Shan (Wen Mountain) on the northern tip of Taiwan, Formosa Pouchong is only about 9% oxidised but, unusually for a ‘light oxidation’ oolong it is not formed as dense, rolled nuggets but as long, twisted, dark emerald strands. It was traditionally, very skilfully, wrapped in little cube-shaped boxes, hence the name Pouchong, a phonetic translation of BaoZhong (包种, ‘wrapped variety’).

Our Taiwan tea master continues the art and tradition of his tea-making family, which brought its skills from Fujian on China’s mainland four generations ago. He likens sipping Pouchong to watching slow ripples on a pond or listening to the elegant plucking of the harp-like Qin. It is an experience to be savoured.




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Brewing Pouchong Oolong

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