Snow Chrysanthemums

Snow Chrysanthemums


A precious flower from distant Tibetan mountains infuses into a beautifully amber liquor with a distinctive tartness.

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Grown each summer in the remote Kunlun Mountains of Tibet, these tiny flowers make a beautiful maroon, wine-coloured tisane, slightly sour reminiscent of blackberries and blueberries.

Put 5 or 6 flowers into a glass, mug or teapot, add hot water, and the gorgeous aroma will be instantly released. You can make infusion after infusion, so it is very long-lasting.

Snow chrysanthemum contains 18 kinds of amino acids and 15 trace elements considered beneficial to health. Neither ying nor yang, it detoxes and removes excess heat and damp.

Snow chrysanthemum comes in a 20 gram foil pack.





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Brewing this tisane

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