Wandering Songstress Cup and Teapot

Wandering Songstress Cup and Teapot


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A work of art as well as very practical, this gorgeous teapot-cup set has Celadon ‘crackle’ glazing in a classic jade green.

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This stunning teacup-and-pot set features the historic Chinese form of glazing known as Celadon. Every Celadon glazed piece has unique crazing, a pronounced ‘crackle’ in the glaze, such that no two pieces are ever the same.

The beautiful blue-green jade colour results from iron oxide in the glaze recipe transforming from ferric to ferrous iron, an effect which can only be produced by firing in a reducing atmosphere kiln.

The decorative cheongsam knot buttons evoke for us the touching, classic 1930s movie song ‘The Wandering Songstress’, also known as ‘Singer at the Sky Edge’ and ‘Singing Girl at the Edge of the World’.

This set is what we like to call a ‘selfish tea set’ (in a good sense!) in that it will work brilliantly for one person at home or on the road or in the office, giving you cup after cup of delicious tea with just a handful of tea leaves and hot water.

The teapot is designed to be used as a pitcher too.

~~ We encourage you to visit Chaya Teahouse to view this Wandering Songstress Cup and Teapot set before making your purchase. Thus, this tea set is only available for collection at Chaya Teahouse. For postage enquiries, please contact us. ~~



  • teapot/pitcher height: 6.2 cm
  • teapot/pitcher width: 9.5 cm
  • cup height: 4 cm
  • cup width: 7.2 cm
  • combined height: 8.6 cm

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