• yu gui oolong

    • chaya teahouse's wuyi oolong tea: yugui
    • From the crevasses of Wuyi mountain, this tea has a notable hint of buttery pie crust and a sweet finish that echoes the crisp caramel on a crème brûlée.



    If our other Wuyi Oolong, Wuyi Shuixian and our Phoenix Oolong, Honey Orchid Phoenix were to produce a love child, it would be this Oolong tea.


    Hand-plucked in the Wuyi mountains, these long, dark strands of oolong tea leaves produce a strong, full-bodied beverage with an amber hue with honey fragrance and a delicious, natural sweetness reminiscent brown buttery pie crust and the crisp caramel on a crème brûlée.


    The leaves invite you to re-infuse them multiple times with fresh hot water, and with each infusion you’ll experience new nuances of flavour emerging.


    This is a luxuriously smooth, aromatic and roasty brew that will comfort and fortify you.


    This tea is supplied in a zip-loc foil pack to prolong its fresh flavour, within a beautiful paper wrap hand-stamped with an extract from the 8th century tea classic Cha Jing.


    Our artisan tea is made with utmost care. To retain its pure, fresh qualities, brew with soft water and store in a dry, air-tight and light-proof container (in a fridge preferably) for 6 months

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