Like A Floating Garden In A Tea Pot

Herbal Infusions & Tisanes

At Chaya Teahouse, we use many kinds of flowers, fruits and leaves to make our gorgeous herbal teas, also known as tisanes. We use whole ingredients, not chopped. While they are not properly speaking ‘tea’ because they don’t come from the tea bush, they are delicious, nutritious and completely caffeine-free. They are also beautiful to look at.
There is an almost infinite variety of recipes, including traditional Han herbal infusions, Five Cereals infusions and our own floral and fruit blends made just to your taste.


If you prefer to avoid caffeine completely, our herbal teas (tisanes) are caffeine-free. They consist of botanicals (leaves, flowers, fruits and herbs) unrelated to the tea plant (camellia sinensis) and have been used holistically for centuries to calm, heal and soothe.
Just as, in the serenity of chaya teahouse, we offer our tea friends the perfect composition of tisane to match their mood and health, so we are now delighted to be able to bring you the same caffeine-free delights online.
Take part in the beautiful Chinese ‘gongfu cha’ tea ceremony while we shares with you our love of tea. You’ll discover how to appreciate the finer nuances of tea like a true connoisseur, yet in a light and relaxed setting.
You’ll be introduced to gorgeous teas with fascinating, evocative names like ‘snow buds’, ‘honey orchid phoenix’ and ‘dragon well’. The incredible range of flavours and aromas will amaze you.
~~ Whilst we patiently wait for the effective control of COVID-19 pandemic, our popular tea masterclasses are held online via our “Teas in the Clouds - Brew-along Masterclass”. ~~