Appreciate The Finer Nuances Of Teas Like A Connoisseur

Tea Masterclasses

Our unique tea masterclasses emerged from our experience of putting on regular, large-scale tea tastings at the British Museum during the First Emperor Terracotta Army exhibition in 2007-8.
What we’ve created is an experience where you can completely unwind and relax, in a peaceful intimate setting, while we treat you to a special selection of finest quality oriental teas, made with tender loving care using the traditional Chinese ritual called ‘gongfu cha’.
The teas have intriguing names and interesting stories behind them, like ‘silver needle’, ‘snow peony’, ‘iron goddess of mercy’, and ‘organic golden monkey’ (to take just a few examples). Their leaves are beautiful in appearance and they make wonderfully fragrant and aromatic infusions.

~~ Whilst we patiently wait for the effective control of COVID-19 pandemic, our popular tea masterclasses are held online via our “Teas in the Clouds - Brew-along Masterclass”. ~~


Our very popular tea masterclasses have now moved online as「Teas in the Clouds Brew-Along」Tea Masterclass.
This is an intimate class (for one or two persons) where you will receive eight sachets of tea and the elegant Wandering Songstress Tea Set prior to the class. You can use the tea set to brew along with us though a private online session in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


Teas in the Clouds Brew-Along Tea Masterclass

Brew-along online tea masterclass with teas and tea set designed for this class. Choose between the「Teas Lover’s Masterclass」or the「Discover the Black Dragons Masterclass」below:

eGift Card for Teas in the Clouds Brew-Along Tea Masterclass

Give the gift of delectable teas and tea connoisseur expertise with a Teanamu「Teas in the Clouds Brew-Along」(online) tea masterclass
Joining in our masterclasses feel like meditating in a Zen garden – so our guests tell us. They also say that they leave feeling inspired, and calm, and thrilled with their new-found favourite teas and the knowledge they’ve gained.
The groups are always kept very small, so that you get personal attention and plenty of space to ask questions. We have classes suitable for beginners and more specialised ones for people who already have some insight into oriental teas. We also have a popular one-hour ‘taster’ for those who feel ready to ‘dip their toes’ into tea culture.
Our gongfu cha accessories collection includes tea stands and trays, pitchers, bamboo utensils and traditional tea cloths – all that’s necessary to have the calming, serene experience of the gong fu cha tea ceremony any time you want it.
Tea stands or trays are the cornerstone of the tea ceremony, literally the foundation on which all else stands. They are designed either to collect water spills or, in some cases, to be used with minimum water.
Pitchers are employed to ensure that every cup from a given infusion is of the same strength and quality. They’re considered an absolute essential.  Utensils, including bamboo brushes, scoops and pincers, along with cloths to dry the pots and pitchers, are the final, exquisite element in the Chinese tea ceremony ‘family’.
The bamboo tea tray is the centre of operations, with an ingenious device to store excess water beneath its surface.  Other implements we supply come in a simple tool-set, of scoop, tongs and tea pick, made from beautiful, renewable bamboo.