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The connoisseur's green tea, light and delicate, perfect to enjoy on its own or paired with simple sweets.

Hawthorne Fruits

A healthy and long-lasting, light yellowish infusion, deliciously sour, tangy and sweet, and a very popular refreshment in the Far East.

Heavenly Buds 2004 Vintage

An outstanding red tea from Anhua in Hunan province, vintaged in Changsha city, very soothing for digestion.

Honey Orchid Phoenix

This Phoenix Oolong has long, dark, slender, slightly twisted 'single bush' leaves that render a lovely, popular tea with the aroma of honey and fresh peaches.


A wonderfully calming brew with a distinctive roasty full-bodied aroma and a delicious, settling flavour.

Iron Goddess of Mercy

A light and delicious Anxi Oolong, with notes of honey and the aromas of orchid and osmanthus. As cooling as whispering bamboos in the valleys.

Kumquat Peony Thins

A rare vintage white tea sealed with kumquat peels giving a mellow, subtly sweet and delicately perfumed infusion reminiscent of floating clouds and dreamy days.

Lemon Drops

Exquisitely sweet black tea leaves sit snuggly inside a whole baby lemon fruit peel. Perfectly delicious infused as a hot or cold beverage.

Lishan Oolong

This notable high mountain tea from Taiwan delights with refreshing sugar cane sweetness, creamy texture and a persistent floral finish.

Longan Iron Goddess of Mercy

A rare, naturally sweet and fruity Formosa Oolong from Taiwan, which you can enjoy straightaway or keep as a 'vintage' tea for enjoying in later years.