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nourishing winter brews

The winter chills are still with us and pending my trip back home to celebrate Chinese New Year (the Year of the Golden Rabbit) I thought I’d share with you a few dishes which my mom will make whenever the weather is a tad ‘chilly’ in Singapore (a relative term of course – I mean anything under 25 degrees!)

These are all childhood favourites of mine. I hope you will like them too!

Oolong Sweet Potato Congee

Oolong Sweet Potato Congee

Sweet Potato Congee used to be synonymous with poverty when I was younger but now we all know that sweet potatoes are not only colourful but packed full of vitamins A and C. If you want, you can add some hot light oolong tea brew just before serving.

100g Rice, washed and drained
1 medium sized Sweet potato, peeled and cut into chunks
1litre Water
½tsp Salt
100 – 200ml Light oolong such as Dong Ding Oolong or Lishan Oolong tea brew

– Put all ingredients into a pot. Bring to a boil.
– Simmer for 20mins.
– Add more water to achieve consistency. I prefer the rice to be just about breaking up.
– Stir in freshly brewed light oolong tea just before serving.
– Serve with side dishes of various pickles, olives, fermented bean curds or a light vegetable stir-fry.

“Pulut Hitam” Black Glutinous Rice Pudding with Matcha Coconut Milk

Black Glutinous Rice Pudding with Matcha Coconut Cream

Black glutinous rice is believed to build up blood and strengthen the heart. The sweet coconut cream cuts down the slight bitterness of the glutinous rice and matcha green tea.

125g Black Glutinous Rice
15g White Glutinous Rice
1 litre Water
2 Pandan (Screw pine) leaves, tied into a knot
50g Gula Melaka (palm sugar)
200ml Thick Coconut milk
Pinch Salt
2g Matcha green tea

– Put both the glutinous rices, water, pandan leaves in a pot. Boil till rice is soft.
– Add the gula melaka and simmer for 10 mins.
– Warm the coconut milk and the salt until simmering over low heat. This will reduce the chance of stomach ache (a factor esp. if using fresh coconut milk). Take a little of the coconut milk and make a paste with the matcha green tea powder. Return the matcha paste to the coconut milk and whisk well.
– Serve the black glutinous rice and drizzle with the matcha coconut milk.

Onion, Carrot, Potato and White Pepper Soup

Sweet Potato Congee

I grew up with this humble brew. Onions help to improve appetite and blood circulation. The carrots are beneficial for healthy eyesight and bone formation. Together they form a wonderful peppery soup that has all the nice bits to eat with rice.

3 Carrots, cut into chunks
2 large Potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
2 large Onions, peeled and quartered
1tsp White peppercorns, crushed
250g Pork spare ribs or chicken thighs (Optional)
2 litres Water (or Chinese vegetable stock if not using meat)

– Put all ingredients into a pot. Bring to a boil.
– Simmer for 2 – 3 hours. Serve with minced chilli and soy sauce and a hearty brew of Liu Bao Cha to accent down the peppery flavour.

Roasted Rice with Sencha

Nourishing Brew: Roast Rice Tea

Just like the 8 treasures tea with longan and red date, this more austere version is equally nutritious and very warming to the body. If you add some Sencha green tea to this, it tastes not unlike our Genmaicha.

300g best quality Jasmine rice, unwashed
Sencha green tea or a dark oolong

– Toast the rice in a dry wok or frying pan over a low heat until brown. Be careful not to burn the rice.
– Once nicely roasted and very fragrant, store in air-tight container.
– To brew this “tea”, take 1-2tbsp of the rice and pour boiling water over it.
– Let it infuse for 3-5mins. If so desired, add a little Sencha green tea or a dark oolong.
– Drink 2-3 times a day in place of water.




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