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London For Lovers by Sam Hodges and Sophie Vickers  2013 (ISBN: 978-0-224-09552-5)

Wang believes that in the modern day, it is critical to take more time to live in the present – that we are naturally inclined towards the future or distracted by emails, phone calls and the paraphernalia of modern life that takes us away from the moment. And for Wang, it is in making and drinking tea that this crucial pausing can take place.

~~ Page 124: “A Pause Button”. See also pages 120, 122 and 255


Phoenix Magazine, Spring 2013. Download the PDFs for Page 141 and for Pages 104-105.

On the inauspicious St Luke’s Road in west London there hides a Chinese teahouse built on the traditional philosophies of reflection, moral wellbeing and healing. Singapore-born Chinese Tea artisan Pei Wang, known as the “tea sommelier” studied the art of tea in China, Singapore, Malaysisa and Japan, constantly cultivating the perfect teas for his London tearoom. We recommend the Honey Orchid Phoenix tea, “a rate single bush tea, with a lingering aroma of honey and fresh peaches.” The opposite of a frenzied Starbucks crack – caffeine, sorry – fix, Teanamu’s elegant and spiritual approach will leave you refreshed, both mentally and physically. To fully savour the art of a cuppa, book a tea appreciation class for £55.


Lucy’s Hidden Gems: Teanamu Chaya Teahouse by Lucy Haenlein, February 2013, Kensington and Chelsea Today (March 2013) Page 18 (download PDF)

Occasionally, a milky mug of English breakfast tea and a muffin at teatime just won’t quite cut it. Local establishment Teanamu Chaya Teahouse knows exactly how to put the sense of occasion back into afternoon tea. Hosted from a residential house behind Portobello Road, their 40 varieties of Chinese and Japanese teas are presented with ritual and ceremony. Nibbly treats include green tea macaroons and white tea and rose madeleines. It is only open on Saturday and Sunday between 12 and 6pm, so it is worth booking in advance.


Must Have Afternoon Tea in London by London Guides in Korean by Dong Yang Books, 01 August 2012. Download PDF here.

Distinguished Leaves – Poems for tea-lovers by Elizbeth Darcy Jones  2011 (ISBN: 978-1-84689-115-1)

His reputation saves me from the cold
The courtyard cobbles grapple with my feet
Propel me to his door (they read my tang)
I’m greeted by umami yet it’s sweet
This is Pei Wang!
~~ Page 73: “Poem: Tea People- Pei Wang”