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Ba Bao Eight Treasures

A stunning mix of whole, uncut fruits and flowers, to enjoy sipping for hours as the flavour profiles subtly evolve.

Cantaloupe Oolong

A stunning innovation, sweet Taiwanese cantaloupe filled with 'red' Formosa oolong then dried. Worth vintaging if you can.

Emperor Pu Erh 1998 Vintage

Like a wise old zen monk, this is a mellow vintaged tea from Yunnan, skillfully fermented and with earthy, digestive qualities and a robust, malty aroma.

Hawthorne Fruits

A healthy and long-lasting, light yellowish infusion, deliciously sour, tangy and sweet, and a very popular refreshment in the Far East.

Heavenly Buds 2004 Vintage

An outstanding red tea from Anhua in Hunan province, vintaged in Changsha city, very soothing for digestion.


A wonderfully calming brew with a distinctive roasty full-bodied aroma and a delicious, settling flavour.

Lemon Drops

Exquisitely sweet black tea leaves sit snuggly inside a whole baby lemon fruit peel. Perfectly delicious infused as a hot or cold beverage.

Longan Iron Goddess of Mercy

A rare, naturally sweet and fruity Formosa Oolong from Taiwan, which you can enjoy straightaway or keep as a 'vintage' tea for enjoying in later years.

Lychee Red

A refreshing, high quality, naturally sweet black tea from YingDe in Guandong province, with a natural 'lychee' aroma.

Mandarine Oolong

Sweet Taiwanese mandarine orange filled with 'red' Formosa oolong tea then dried in a unique and highly skilled process. Definitely worth vintaging.