A wonderfully relaxing Japanese green tea with a distinctive roasty aroma and a delicious, warm refreshing taste.


The uniquely aromatic Houjicha is a delicious, roasted version of Japanese green tea.

Tea has more than 300 kinds of aromatic substance, mostly locked in the sugars of the leaves until they are released during roasting. This process leads to the sugars combining with amino acids in the leaves to create a gloriously toasty aroma you will love.

In one experiment the green tea was roasted four times, and after each a skilled sommelier described the aromatics: after the first roast there were the aromas of grass and lime, after the second he detected ‘saltwater’, after the third chocolate and hazelnut, and after the fourth coffee, sweet vanilla beans and cigar.

We hear that brain researchers in Japan have proven the soothing qualities of hojicha using MRI scanning. All we know is, the calming, roasty flavours make it perfect as a warming digestive after a big meal, or as an ice-cold refreshment on a summer’s day, or indeed any time.

And thanks to the roasting process it’s low in caffeine, and it’s also low in tannin so extremely smooth and easy to drink!


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