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    • A lightly roasted Formosa Oolong from Wenshan on the beautiful island of Taiwan, naturally sweet, floral and fruity.



    Our Qi Zhong (奇种, ‘Unusual Variety’) is made from long, twisted strands of Taiwanese Wenshan Pouchong [LINK], charcoal roasted at a medium heat, which imparts a mellow, yet refreshing, sugarcane-like sweetness to this delicious, low-oxidation oolong.


    The tea infusion has a yellowish hue, and its aroma is beautifully layered, starting with a warming toastiness, then a delicate hint of honey, and tones of orchid at the end.


    It is interesting to compare this wonderful roasty oolong with the more traditional version made in Wuyi, northern Fujian (China). The family of the tea master who supplies us brought the art of Qi Zhong over from China to Taiwan 4 generations ago.


    Wuyi Qi Zhong tastes of ripened fruit, whilst our variety is lighter and more floral, yet also deliciously toasty, with a fruity flavour that reminds us of papaya.


    Our artisan tea is made with utmost care. To retain its pure, fresh qualities, brew with soft water and store in a dry, air-tight and light-proof container (in a fridge preferably) for 6 months


    This tea is supplied in a zip-loc foil pack to prolong its fresh flavour, within a beautiful paper wrap hand-stamped with an extract from the 8th century tea classic Cha Jing.

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