shower someone with a special tea treat

Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift for that special someone or a special event?
Here are some tea gifting options that will be unforgettable and highly original for any occasion.
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Mark your a special occasion with a sachet of tea for your guests!

Be it wedding favours or corporate gifts, we can personalise the tea or tisane and add your desired wordings or logo on the packaging. Your guests will be delighted to receive this unique and thoughtful gift.
Let us guide you in choosing teas, custom blends of teas and tisanes, or just using tisane ingredients. The ingredients can be based on traditional recipes for wedding tea or chosen for the taste and aromas of the tea blend. We can also search for vintaged tea worthy of celebrating a significant date.
We can prepare delicious tea or tisane in 5-10g sachets. Depending on the types of teas or tisane, each sachet costs £2 to £5. There is a minimum order quantity of 50 sachets.
Take part in the beautiful Chinese ‘gongfu cha’ tea ceremony while we shares with you our love of tea. You’ll discover how to appreciate the finer nuances of tea like a true connoisseur, yet in a light and relaxed setting.
You’ll be introduced to gorgeous teas with fascinating, evocative names like ‘snow buds’, ‘honey orchid phoenix’ and ‘dragon well’. The incredible range of flavours and aromas will amaze you.
~~ Whilst we patiently wait for the effective control of COVID-19 pandemic, our popular tea masterclasses are held online via our “Teas in the Clouds - Brew-along Masterclass”. ~~