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Honey Orchid Phoenix

This Phoenix Oolong has long, dark, slender, slightly twisted 'single bush' leaves that render a lovely, popular tea with the aroma of honey and fresh peaches.


A wonderfully calming brew with a distinctive roasty full-bodied aroma and a delicious, settling flavour.

Iron Goddess of Mercy

A light and delicious Anxi Oolong, with notes of honey and the aromas of orchid and osmanthus. As cooling as whispering bamboos in the valleys.

Kumquat Peony Thins

A rare vintage white tea sealed with kumquat peels giving a mellow, subtly sweet and delicately perfumed infusion reminiscent of floating clouds and dreamy days.

Lemon Drops

Exquisitely sweet black tea leaves sit snuggly inside a whole baby lemon fruit peel. Perfectly delicious infused as a hot or cold beverage.

Lishan Oolong

This notable high mountain tea from Taiwan delights with refreshing sugar cane sweetness, creamy texture and a persistent floral finish.

Longan Iron Goddess of Mercy

A rare, naturally sweet and fruity Formosa Oolong from Taiwan, which you can enjoy straightaway or keep as a 'vintage' tea for enjoying in later years.

Lychee Red

A refreshing, high quality, naturally sweet black tea from YingDe in Guandong province, with a natural 'lychee' aroma.

Mandarine Oolong

Sweet Taiwanese mandarine orange filled with 'red' Formosa oolong tea then dried in a unique and highly skilled process. Definitely worth vintaging.

Mao Feng

This green tea from Yellow Mountain, eastern China, has delicate, 'sparrow tongue' leaves and a fragrant sweetness with echoes of sweetcorn or lentils.