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Jade green, steamed Japanese tea blended with highly aromatic, fire-toasted rice kernels. Soothing, sweet, simply sublime!


The connoisseur's green tea, light and delicate, perfect to enjoy on its own or paired with simple sweets.


A wonderfully calming brew with a distinctive roasty full-bodied aroma and a delicious, settling flavour.


As revered in the Japanese tea ceremony, but also a great ingredient for cakes and desserts, this is high quality Japanese green tea in natural powder form.

Rikyu Sencha Green Tea (Cold Infusion)

A high quality, fragrant Japanese green tea in quick and convenient tea bags. Makes a really delicious, ice cold refreshment.

Sakura Sencha

This gorgeous, refreshing Japanese green tea sprinkled with real sakura petals is so sweet and floral, we just fell in love with it!

Sencha Miya

A naturally sweet, delicate Japanese green tea from Shizuoka, cultivated under the 'chakusaba' system which is deeply respectful of the environment.