Heavenly Buds 2004 Vintage

Heavenly Buds 2004 Vintage


An outstanding red tea from Anhua in Hunan province, vintaged in Changsha city, very soothing for digestion.


Tian Jian (the ‘Tip of Heaven’) is a piece of history. It was once reserved for wealthy merchants and for the family of the Emperor, who appreciated how soothing it is for the stomach after a fine meal.

Even today, in the sorting process, this fine grade of ‘first flush’ tea is separated from lesser grades over traditional, wide bamboo sieves with precisely 82-84 holes.

The lustrous black ‘first flush’ leaves make an earthy, smooth, pure liquor, copper coloured (or maroon, dependent on your preferred brewing time) with just a hint of smoky pine.

Tian Jian 2004 vintage can be enjoyed straightaway or placed into storage for further vintaging.


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Brewing Tian Jian Heavenly Buds 2004 vintage

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